Top Stitchers Challenge – Little Boy Blue

Good Morning!  Today the Top Stitchers challenge kicked off featuring Annika from Naeh Connection and myself.  There are some amazing pieces in each of our outfits and you can head over and vote for them here at Sewing Stadium.

This is the first time I have been in a sewing competition and I love the way Becca does the pairings using our strengths and gives us something to challenge us in some way.  Our prompt was perfect!  Sewing for a 2 year old can definitely be challenging.  Luckily is isn’t to the picky stage yet and adding an adorable sheep on the front helped 😉

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I used a few new techniques I have been learning the last month or so; how to make jeans RTW from the Angela Wolf course on Craftsy, some placket work, designing an embroidery file, and some FMA (Free Motion Applique) with the assistance from Jeanine at StitchART.

If you haven’t checked out FMA yet, head over to Jeanine’s group on Facebook and take a look around.  She is amazing and helping you get the right tools to have fun and she has some adorable designs out right now.  The Sleepy Sheep was released today as well!  I used some white fleece to make my little sheep fuzzy and some gray thread to have fun with the details.  One thing I love about FMA is you get to just have fun with it, b/c if you miss a spot or “mess up” you can’t really tell 😉  The backdrop for my sheep was the Moto Maxx tee from Love Notions.  I love this tee with its clean lines and shoulder accent.

12030323_736200037868_9093394261937075746_o                         12028846_736200087768_5992158007527449315_o                      12019765_736200462018_232354874267828075_n

I have been working on some jean techniques and lucky for my little guy I used his new jeans as my practice 😉  I grabbed my Reid’s Classic Chino pattern (it was very fitting) and decided to make them out of stretch denim, give them some distressing and unique topstitching.  Angela talks about a few topstitching stitches to use and I love the triple stitch.  I used Gutterman jean thread and it turned out perfect.  I left them cuffed so that he has room to grow as well.  If you would like to grab the Chino pattern (or any other) use the code “TopStitchers” to get a special discount!

12049155_736200372198_6531197629670976475_n          12063630_736200447048_350981478317734554_n              12042996_736200397148_8378471878455967295_n

My last piece was the Ethan from Sisboom.  I will say it was the most intimidating.  Plackets, cotton wovens and curved hems make me nervous…well I think I have conquered the fear!   I loved the way the pattern was written, how the collar and placket come together and the ease of adding little details.  The horn embroidery was a perfect touch to the pocket and I was able to use my new Babylock Serenade to make button holes and sew on the buttons!

12047154_736200247448_2554011180767847089_n                                                         12032019_736200347248_2116754440919089122_n

Overall I love this competition and Becca made it so much fun!  The outfit turned out better than I imagined and my little guy loves it so that is what counts.  Don’t forget to go vote for Annika and myself at Sewing Stadium!

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