Siren Sew-a-long Day 5


We are almost finished!!!  Who else needs today and the weekend to catch up like I do?? 😉  If you need to review the past few days here they are:

Day 1-2

Day 3

Day 4

Ok, the last few steps are the zipper, finishing up the waistband and hemming.  Yesterday we finished the right side seam so today let’s start with the left one.  You will want to “finish” your side seams separately by zig zag or serge.  Do NOT trim anything off if you serge it.  Now place that seam right sides together and sew from the hemline up to the dot and back stitch.  Then continue up the seam through the waistband with a baste stitch.  Press  the seam open and look at the wrong side of your pants.zipper

Grab your zipper and lay it face down (you can also do an invisible zipper install here if you don’t like the topstitching look, this post has a great tutorial!) with the top zipper stop even with the sewing line between your main waistband and waistband lining.  The bottom stop isn’t as important and can be trimmed later.  I like to pin along the zipper tape or use wonder tape to hold it in place.  Grab your zipper foot and sew as close as you can along the zipper teeth from the top, down the side, across the bottom (I like to backstitch this area) and up the other side.  Flip it over to the front and take a look at your stitching.  Then you can open up your baste stitch.

To finish the waistband you will fold the seam allowance on the waistband lining towards the wrong side and then fold down our lining to the back side along those zipper teeth.  Topstitch along the zipper teeth to keep it in place.11834971_731356878598_1992041117048195898_o

Press the rest of your waistband lining down and pin (or use wonder tape!) to hold in in place.  Topstitch along the bottom waistband edge to catch the lining and along the top waistband edge to finish it up.



Time to finish up the inseam.  I like to match up my inseam from the crotch seam down to the hem.  One trick I have learneIMG_8254d is to sew from crotch seam down one leg.  Then go back and sew crotch seam down to the other hem.  This will keep things lined up nicely. Then go back and finish/serge the entire seam.




All we have left to do is hem, so try on your trousers or shorts and decide where you would like them to hit.  I like a nice 1″ hemline so I finish my edges, then fold it under 2 times and topstitch.


and we are done!!!! Take the next few days to go back and review and catch up if you need it.  Share your finished pics on Monday at the Facebook Fan Group and there may be a giveaway 😉