Siren Sew-a-long Day 4

Welcome back!  At this point we should have the pockets (front and back if you decided to do them) all sewn on and are ready to move on to the front curve, bum curve, and side seams.  We will also get the waistband ready to go for the zipper installation.  If you missed any of the previous days check out these before joining us back here!

Days 1-2

Day 3

OK, lets sew up some seams!

First we will do the front curve and the bum curve.  Match them up RST and sew/serge the seam.  I love to topstitch these seams to give them extra strength and it is just pretty.  So, open up the  pieces flat and press the seam allowance to one side and topstitch along the seam.  I use a 4 stitch length and you can use top stitching thread or the triple stitch on your machine for some nice thicker topstitching.11834971_731356878598_1992041117048195898_o

Then lets sew up the wearer’s right side seam.  Press this seam towards the back piece and I like to topstitch it from the waistband opening to just past the pocket back (this will have it match up with the zipper side)

Now we are ready to add our waistband.  So grab your waistband main pieces and lining pieces.  These can be the same fabric as your main or you can use an accent fabric for the lining.  Don’t forget to interface the lining if you decide to use a light weight woven.  Match up and sew your lining pieces to your main pieces along the top curve.  Press that seam allowance towards the lining.  Match up the front and back waistbands at the wearer’s right and sew that side seam.  Then press the waistband lining bottom edge towards the wrong side 3/8″.

Your band is now ready to match up to your waist opening on the shorts.  Match up your right side seams and the center front and center back.  The left seams should also match up to your open left side seam of the trousers.  Sew the band to the waist opening and press the seam allowance up into the waistband.  (I love to press my seams, it makes such a nice finish!!)

Tomorrow we will be putting in the zipper!!  so check back soon 🙂


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see you soon!