Siren Sew-a-long Day 3

I hope everyone has had a chance to cut out and get that perfect fit with your muslin fabric!  If not head back and check out this post to catch up.  Lets move on and start cutting out our final fabric and work on some pocket options.

Which final fabric did you choose?  So far I have made shorts in some Stretch Sateen from Joanns, as well as some amazing stretch twill from Cali Fabrics.  Right now I am using some stretch poly suiting for some work pants.  I can’t wait to finish these up and show them off!

I have included in the pattern front pockets, but you can also add some back double welt pockets by following the tutorial here.  I love having a little back pocket to slip my phone in to because, lets face it, it is always on me.  Some say I’m addicted 😉

You can also add a little detail to your front pocket edge by using different types of top-stitching or even folding the pocket lining so that you can see it from the front like I did here on these shorts.pocket detail

So which pockets are you adding?  front, back, none?  You don’t even need them if you like that streamline look  like Cheri’s pictured here.


Don’t forget to comment below and share your creations in the fan group over on Facebook 😉

See you tomorrow for sewing up those side and inseams!