Siren Sew-a-long Day 1-2

Lets kick off this sew-a-long with printing out our patterns and working on the muslin (trial pair).  Grab your pattern here if you don’t already have it (don’t forget to join the Facebook group to grab your fan group discount!!)

here is your Prep work and fabric options:
– bottom weight with stretch (don’t forget fabric for a muslin)
— denim
— twill
— sateen
— linen
– pockets
– pants/shorts
– zipper
– needle all purpose or denim

For the muslin you need to print out the following pages: 11-12, 14-15, 17-18, 29-35 and cut 2 back pieces, 2 of both front pieces (cut along the dashed lines and do not cut out your pocket area), 1 front waist band and 1 back waistband.  It is a great idea to cut a little bit bigger Seam Allowance for when you muslin so you can make a few adjustments.  I like to cut about 1/2″ or so.  just make sure you remember how much you added so when you go to baste it together you sew on on the original sewing lines.

Sew up your muslin in this order:

  1. back darts
  2. front pieces down the middle seam
  3. front crotch seams
  4. back bum seam
  5. wearer’s right side front and back seam
  6. wearer’s left side from the zipper dot down (leaving the zipper area open)
  7. inseam
  8. waistband to the waist opening

ok, grab your shorts and try them on inside out and pin where your zipper will be.  take a look and see if you need any adjustments.  check out this trouser fitting post to help guide you through any adjustment you may need!  Also post your progress in the FB fan group!

11831771_729369351618_8519983510579868486_n 11705239_729369331658_5758487132695611836_n 11822559_730513299138_7193638165285476758_n

I like to use pins to make adjustments on any seams, and then when I take them off mark those spots with my markers.  Sew up your new adjustments (if you needed any!) and try it on again.  If you are happy with the fit grab your pattern pieces and mark any adjustments you made.

You are now ready to cut out your final fabric.  See you Wednesday for the next steps!