Everyone needs adjustable shorts, right?!

So some may know I am currently in competition prep for my first Bodybuilding Figure competition in August.  Which means my size is changing almost daily.  I am so tired of trying to find something to wear in the morning without having to loosen or tighten my belt or safety pin the sides (yep totally happened).  Most women change sizes, especially in the waist area, all month long.  So I have decided to add adjustable, button hole elastic to the backs of my shorts.  Yep, the kind your kid wears so you can bring them in or take them out and have a working zipper fly and button waistband.

My first pair I grabbed the Greenstyle Taylor shorts (up next are a pair of Off the Cuff) and started off making them just as instructed.  I sewed up the darts, pockets, side seams, added the zipper fly, and then the waistband is where it starts to change a bit.IMG_2216

I sewed the waistband lining together as instructed, then just in front of the side seam I added a button hole.  I used the biggest my machine would allow, which just fits my 1″ elastic.





I then added a small button just to the front of the hole for my elastic to attach to.





now sew your waistband on like it instructs, main to the right side of the shorts, lining to the main, fold lining down and topstitch.

IMG_2241You can buy button hole elastic, but my Joann’s didn’t have any so I grabbed 1″ knit elastic and made my own.  I measured the elastic by laying it out from one button, across the back to the other button on the other side.  Since it stretches I clicked my button hole maker 1 notch smaller than the button I used in my waistband.  I made a few button holes horizontal with the length of the elastic.




Then ran the elastic through the casing and to the other side and buttoned it where I needed it.





Then Voila I have shorts that fit great right now and will grow or shrink with me in the waist when I need them to.  Off to go make about 5 more pairs 😉

IMG_2244IMG_2219IMG_2246     IMG_2220