Bikini Basics Sew A Long – Modifications & Options

Some have asked about the different options and how to modify or mashing some of the pattern pieces.  I figured it needed its own post, so here you go! Reversible: any of the pieces can be made reversible with a few adjustments to the instructions.  Make sure instead of lining you grab another coordinating swim […]

Bikini Basics Sew A Long Kick off!

Good Morning!  What a beautiful day to start a bikini sew a long!  This weekend was beautiful here in the Midwest and I have some nice and pink shoulders now to show off. First, if you haven’t grabbed your pattern yet, head over to the products page and grab the Bikini Basics Collection or you […]

Everyone needs adjustable shorts, right?!

So some may know I am currently in competition prep for my first Bodybuilding Figure competition in August.  Which means my size is changing almost daily.  I am so tired of trying to find something to wear in the morning without having to loosen or tighten my belt or safety pin the sides (yep totally […]

Strong is the New Skinny – Strength Training

I have recently rekindled my love for strength training and working out after about a 5 year hiatus. I have always been a pretty athletic/fit person and involved in sports throughout high school and college. Cheerleading and gymnastics kept me in shape without really having to think about it. I enjoyed the weekly workouts (not […]

On Point Penley – Ladies Polo & Henley

Fall is fast approaching and I am ready for some cute long sleeve trends and leggings with boots!  This pattern has been in the works since early summer for a few friends that have to wear polo collars for work.  I wanted to create something that met their standards but was still feminine and on […]

Top Stitchers Challenge – Little Boy Blue

Good Morning!  Today the Top Stitchers challenge kicked off featuring Annika from Naeh Connection and myself.  There are some amazing pieces in each of our outfits and you can head over and vote for them here at Sewing Stadium. This is the first time I have been in a sewing competition and I love the […]